Donnalucata and other seaside villages

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Three seaside villages are located in the vicinity of Scicli: Donnalucata, Cava d’Aliga and Sampieri. These villages are reachable by car in ten or fifteen minutes, beacause they are far from Scicli respectively 8 km (5 miles), 10 km (6 miles) and 13 km (8 miles).

The Shrine of Our Lady of the Militia is located upstream of Donnalucata, it was built in the place where the Norman Count Roger of Hauteville defeated the Saracen troops’ Amir Khan Bell, thanks to the intervention of the Virgin Mary (1091).
Today the village of Donnalucata is built around the Church of the Assumption and the Marina, and it’s characterized by alternating magnificent villas and small houses of local fishermen.
The beach is famous for its golden sand, spreading out for several kilometers. The blue-green crystalline water sea has gently subsiding sandy seabed, ideal for children. You can purchase fresh fish from local fishermen. In the small town you can enjoy the delicious meals of fresh fish as well as the exquisite lemon “granita” and ice creams.

Cava d’Aliga has a rocky coastline with small sandy beaches at regular interval, you must see the beauty of the cliffs that occasionally host cavities, such as the Cave of the Smugglers (Grotta dei Contrabbandieri), and Punta Corvo area.

Sampieri is located on a spur of rock whose sides the golden beaches spread. Sampieri is also known for tourist attractiveness of Fornace Penna (Penna’s brick-kiln), on the top of a cliff of about 5 m (16 ft) high, and known as “Ô Pisciuottu”, or “The Mannàra” as it was often used as the location of “Inspector Montalbano” television series. This old brick factory is an example of early twentieth century industrial archaeology, due to a blaze lefting only remains overlooking the sea.

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